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Nickel anodes, sheets and plates

Nickel anodes

JSC POLEMA produces nickel hot-rolled anodes meant for use in nickel plating. The anodes are produced in the form of rectagularly-cut sheets.

Grades and chemical composition of anodes: NPA1, NPA2, NPAN under State Standard 492-2006 “Nickel, pressure-treated nickel and copper-nickel alloys. Grades”.

Anodes are delivered according to State Standard 2132-90 “Nickel anodes. Technical specifications”.

Production method: hot-rolled (H); cut: rectangular (R); precision: normal (N); length: gauge (GL), off-gauge (OL), or divisible gauge (DL). Anode dimensions: thickness from 4 to 12 mm, width from 100 to 600 mm, length from 400 to 1500 mm as the standard dimensions, or based on the client's specifications.

The advantages of JSC POLEMA nickel anodes include: high metal purity (Ni of at least 99.90 %), low content of harmful impurities, uniform dissolution of anodes in the electrolyte, absence of tendency to passivation during the nickel-plating process.

Nickel sheets and plates

JSC POLEMA produces hot-rolled and cold-rolled sheets and strips and hot-rolled plates made of nickel for various fields of industry (mechanical engineering, instrument-making, and electrical engineering for vacuum deposition of nickel coatings, etc.).

Grades and chemical composition:

  • NP1, NP2 according to State Standard 492-2006, “Nickel and pressure-treated nickel and nickel-copper alloys. Grades” ;
  • N1-PM (Ni-PM) with a chemical composition that meets the requirements for PNK-UT3 grade powder under State Standard 9722-97 “Nickel Powder”.

Material purity is at least 99.90% Ni with minimal content of harmful impurities.

Nickel sheets, strips and plates of the NP1, NP2 grade are delivered in accordance with State Standard 6235-91 “Nickel Sheets and Strips”, while those of N1-PM (Ni-PM) grade are delivered based on technical specifications agreed to with the client.

 Dimensions: standard (with a length of up to 1500 mm) or based on the client's specifications.