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Sputtering Ni, NiCr targets and evaporable Ni, NiCr cathodes

Field of use

Mechanical engineering, electronics. Protective coatings on machine and equipment parts.


- Simple-shape products, with rectangular or round cuts, in the form of sheets, plates, rods and discs.

- Complex-shape products (cathodes) cut according to the client's drawings.

The shape, dimensions, permissible deviations for product size and the tooling precision are determined by the client's request.

Chemical composition

Products of the grade N1-PM (Ni-PM) are produced at the client's request, products of the grades NP1, NP2 can be produced according to State Standard 492-2006.

Guaranteed purity of the material is at least 99.90 % of Ni with minimal content of harmful impurities.

The chemical composition of products is ensured to be no lower than the requirements for nickel powders of the group U under State Standard 9722-97.

Guaranteed chemical composition of N1-PM (Ni-PM) grade nickel

Grade Ni C Fe Co Si Cu Mg As S Zn P Cd Bi Mn Sn Pb Sb Ca
ppm, maximum
N1-PM (Ni-PM) 99,90%
15 10 10 3 3 5 7 3 3 1 1 3 1 1 2 50

PM – Powder Metallurgy

Products are made using powder metallurgy. The density of deformed (hot-rolled and forged) products is at least 99% of the theoretical value. There are no internal pores or open porosity in the structure of the material of these sputtering targets and evaporable cathodes.

Sputtering NiCr targets

Guaranteed chemical composition

Grade Ni+Cr,
Cr, % Impurities, mkg/g ppm, maximum
Fe Al Si Cu Ca Mn S C O N
Ni/Cr 80/20 99,9 wt% 99,90 20±1,5 500 100 100 50 50 200 100 200 500 100

Amount of metal impurities:

Ni/Cr 80/20  99,9 wt%– not more than 1000 mkg/g


- rather high chemical purity;

- high density and homogeneous microstructure of  material of the items, providing process stability of targets sputtering or arc evaporation of cathodes;

- various range of the items, designed in accordance with customers requirements.