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Nickel permalloys


Powders of magnetically soft nickel-based alloys doped with molybdenum are super permalloys that are characterized by extremely high magnetic permeability. Light magnetization of alloys in weak fields is marked by the near-absence of magnetic anisotropism and magnetostriction effects. Molybdenum boosts the unit-area resistance and the initial magnetic permeability of permalloys and decreases their vulnerability to mechanical deformations. By applying high-purity constituents and showing special attention to thermal processing, super permalloys achieve the highest magnetic permeability among common magnetically soft materials.

Sphere of application: PM production of magnetic elements – core rods with high magnetic permeability used to equip measurement and radiotechnical devices.

Spherical molybdenum permalloy powder, sprayed with an inert gas, and with a base grain size of -100 microns (less than 100 microns) without additional sieving or sintering is used, for example, in obtaining compositional magnetic material with dielectrical isolation. In this case, powders with added insulation and plasticiser are pressed in hard matrices at high pressure; then, the semi-finished products are sintered in a vacuum or a protective atmosphere.

Grade  Nominal composition, % Admixtures, %, maximum Packed
density g/cm3
Ni Mo Mn Fe C Si S O
AP-Ni81Mo3Fe 81 2,7 0,9 OCT. 0,05 0,1 0,02 0,06 ≥4,6 ≤25
AP-Ni80Mo12Fe 80 11,7 0,9 OCT. 0,05 0,1 0,02 0,06 ≥4,6 ≤25
AP-Ni80Mo15Fe 80 15 0,9 OCT. 0,05 0,1 0,02 0,06 ≥4,6 ≤25