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Zink and Zn-Al for coatings


A dependable method for protecting metallic structures made from carbonic and low-alloy steels from corrosion is to apply coatings of Zn-Al alloy to their surfaces. Thermal Zn-Al coating applied using AP-ZnAl16 powder effectively protects structures and equipment used in the atmosphere and in fresh- and saltwater. The servicable life of the coating depends on the thickness of layers applied and can reach into the tens of years.

This material is used to protect apparatuses, containers, reservoirs, pools, pipes, heat exchangers, bridges, hydraulic structures, power-industry equipment, vessel hulls, and other metallic structures from continuous and pitting corrosion. Powder expended in spraying onto metallic surfaces when creating a coating with a thickness of 200 microns is approximately 1.7-1.8 kg/m2. Handheld gas-fired torches or mechanized apparatuses are used for deposition.

Zink powder AP-Zn

Chemical composition, %

Grade Zn Fe Cu Ti Pb
base 0,1 max 0,02 max 0,02 max 0,02 max

Particle size (base fraction), microns:

  • 0-40;
  • 40-100;
  • 50-160.

The powder can be prepared with other size requirements.

Powder of Zn-Al alloys AP-ZnAl16

Chemical composition, %

Grade Zn Al Fe Cu Ti Pb
base 16 0,1 max 0,02 max 0,02 max 0,02 max

Particle size (base fraction), microns:

  • -40 (45);
  • 40-80, 40-160;
  • 140-315.