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Electrolytic chromium flakes


Since 1964, POLEMA has been actively refining its production of electrolytic refined chromium. Developed as the leading method in 1854 by Bunsen, the electrolytic method now makes it possible to obtain high-grade chromium on an industrial scale.

JSC POLEMA's unique methods for refining electrolytic chromium allow it to eliminate any oxygen, sulphur, nitrogen and hydrogen contained in the «raw» product.

The product of electrolysis – primary ECr chromium – comes in thin layers of a dark gray color, flakey in shape, with a thickness of up to 2.5 mm. ECr contains 0.5-0.55% oxygen. High-temperature hydrogen processing of ECr produces refined ERCr chromium, primarily in the form of light gray, shiny layers (flakes) with extremely low amounts of interstitial impurities (C, O, N, S, H).


Electrolytic refined chromium in the form of flakes is traditionally used in vacuum metallurgy when producing heat-resistant Ni-Cr superalloys. Flake chromium is widely used for other purposes as well: in electronics it is used for vaporizing and depositing thin films in units with involving electron-beam heating. Using thermal processing in a pure nitrogen atmosphere, flakey ERCr chromium can be turned into chromium nitride (Cr2N) or nitrided products with other compositions for use in doping special steels and alloys.

Using mechanical grinding, electrolytic refined chromium flakes can be turned into powder and grist with various chemical compositions and dispersibility.

Powder made from pure electrolytic refined chromium is intended for use in manufacturing.

m_54Electrolytic chromium flakes (refined)
m_54Electrolytic chromium flakes (refined)

ECr electrolytic unrefined chromium

Guaranteed chemical composition of  ECr chromium
Grade Base Impurities content, % (mass), maximum
O N C S Fe Si Ni Al Cu Pb
ECr Cr 0,55 0,013 0,01 0,02 0,008 0,01 0,005 0,006 0,003 0,001

ERCr electrolytic refined chromium

Guaranteed chemical composition of refined chromium
Grades Cr, %, minimum Impurities, ppm, maximum
O N C S Fe Si Ni Al Cu
ERCr-0 99,99*  50 50 80 20 ∑ Ni, Mo, W, Al, Ca, Co, Cu, Fe, Mg, Mn, Si, Ti, V, K, Li, Na and others 100 ppm, maximum
ERCr-1 99,95* 50 50 80 20 80 100 50 60 30
ERCr-2 99,95* 700 70 80 20 80 100 50 60 30

* Mass percentage of chromium, not including the gas-forming impurities C, O, N, S, ?, F, Cl.