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Molybdenum is a high-melting metal included among transitional elements with a body-centered cubic lattice; it has a strong interatomic bond, a high melting point of 2620oC and a minimal expansion coeffiicent.

Some of molybdenum's important features in terms of its industrial application include its high heat resistance, electric conductivity and head conductivity, its relatively low thermal neutron capture cross-section, a volume weight almost two times lower than that of tungsten, etc. Molybdenum's resistance to creep and stress-rupture at high temperatures in a vacuum and in protective atmosphere (argon, hydrogen) is noticeably higher than the same properties of many metals used as the base for head-resistant materials.

As a result of molybdenum's low temperature coefficient of linear expansion and its high melting point, it ensures the dependable functionality of structures made from molybdenum that operate at high temperatures.

Molybdenum's high thermal conductivity is several times greater than that of ordinarily used heat-resistant alloys, which prevents thermal stresses during rapid heating and cooling.

Molybdenum is resistant to the effects of acids, alkali and struts in many molten metals and liquid glasses.

JSC POLEMA makes sintered and deformed semi-finished products (rolled stock, rods), plates, electrodes for melting glass, sputtering targets and other products using oxide-restored molybdenum powder  with  purity of 99.95-99.97 % as the starting material.

Thanks to the low content of interstitial impurities and metallic impurities and the small-grain texture of the material, the finished products boast outstanding plastic properties.

Molybdenum products include the following:

  • Molybdenum rolled stock and plates made from pure and lanthanum-oxide doped molybdenum
  • Molybdenum boats
  • Molybdenum rods, forgings
  • Molybdenum spuattering targets
  • Molybdenum alloys, such as MoW, MoLa and others.
  • Molybdenum crucibles and saucers
  • Molybdenum screens
  • Molybdenum electrodes for glass furnaces, from 99.95%