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Powders for 3D printing




Additive technology is a process of a material synthesis layer by layer based on 3D model data. It received its name against subtractive technologies production technologies, particularly, machining. Advantages of additive technologies are enhanced characteristics of finished products, economy of raw material, an opportunity to produce items with a complex geometry.

Before 3D printers were used in research institutes for prototyping, but about 10-15 years ago the traditionally advanced industries, such as automotive, aerospace, instrument engineering and medicine started using these technologies actively.  

If first additive production systems used to work only with polymer materials, today 3D printers can work with engineering plastics, composite materials, different types of metals, ceramics, sand. That allowed to use additive technologies in science, education, designing, medicine, machine building, foundry production and other spheres.  

The difficulty of 3D metal powders production is high purity of such materials, spherical form of particles, a narrow grain particle size (20-40 microns) and a certain surface structure.

JSC POLEMA, being a leading producer of powder materials and products from them, is a perfect base for manufacturing innovative materials for 3D printing. It owns the following advantages:  

  • 55-year experience in production of Fe, Cu, Ni, Co, Zn, Al-based powders
  • Flexible production and an experienced team of process engineers allow to create powders of a wide grade composition according to the Customer’s requests
  • High homogeneity of powders according to the chemical composition

JSC POLEMA has been producing additive powders since 2014. Now, we’re fulfilling the modernization project of the current production site with the introduction of new technologies and modern equipment, that will help us to expand the assortment of produced powders and enhance its quality.

Below is the list of the powders for 3D printing produced by JSC POLEMA (grain size 0-40 microns)

Grade (EU)



Base Standards
17-4PH (LPW 174) Fe 17400 A708   5604/5643 1.4548  
15-5PH (LPW 155) Fe S15500 A564   5659/5862    
(LPW 718) Ni & Co 7718 B537,
2.4668 IN718
18Ni300 (LPW 300) Fe       6514 1.2709 MS1
316L (LPW 316) Fe S31673 F138,
5832-1   1.4404
(LPW CoCr-2LC) CoCr 31537 F1527,
ISO 5832-4,
ISO 5832-12